Guidelines for brands

  • Cosmopolitan will only approve and release high-res logo artwork once guidelines are met and appropriate agreements are in place.   
  • A mockup of promotional material is required when submitting your request for approval. Mockups must feature the correct FPO logo.
  • For approval of mockups featuring FPO logo, please upload the final file featuring high-res artwork to Cosmo.

  • Cosmo logo may only be used with the award winning product in the winning shade or type.
  • The logo must be featured on or near winning product.
  • If multiple products are shown, the logo must be clearly places with the winning product.
  • If the logo is used on a brand ad in another publication, the same brand ad must run in Cosmopolitan.

  • You must choose a logo from the variations provided. Color and layout may not be altered.
  • You may change the size of the logo to your discretion.
  • The logo cannot be translated into any other language; the English version can be used internationally.

  • Logos expire after three years from the time they are awarded. Licensing fees are paid on an annual basis.   
  • On the dates the Cosmo logo expires, artwork is no longer available for licensing. If the logo’s expiration date falls during a brand’s one-year term, the brand may continue to use the logo until the term end date listed on the brand’s purchase agreement.
  • See Logo Expiration Dates.

  • Broadcast: commercials, infomercials, TV shopping networks, TV segments
  • Print: outdoor media, print ads, direct mail, catalogs, FSIs and circulars
  • Digital: all online ad units

  • Print displays: posters, counter cards, company newsletter, brochures, and printed materials used internally
  • Retail displays: in-store fixtures, end-caps/end-aisles, point-of-purchase, shelf-talkers
  • Digital: brand website, product detail on a retailer website, email blast, social media, web videos, blog posts, mobile apps
  • Product packaging: on-pack, stickering, hangtags