Q: Once I submit a mockup, how long does it take to approve the materials?
A: If the logo is being used correctly, Cosmopolitan’s turnaround period is three to five business days. Please be mindful of this when considering due dates on your end.
Q: Our product won for a specific shade/color, but it’s difficult to feature the logo in close proximity to the shade/color that won on our creative. What is your suggestion?
A: If you cannot place the logo in close proximity, you must include the complete award name, year and product name in text under the logo artwork.
Q: We won a beauty award in the past three years but the formula and/or name of the product has changed. Whom do we contact?
A: Please contact Sami Inzalaco at
Q: Do we have to wait for the agreements to be approved before we start using the logo?
A: Yes. The appropriate agreements must be in place before you begin using the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award logo in the marketplace.
Q: Do we still have to pay the fee if we never actually used the logo?
A: Yes. A signed purchase agreement means you agree to payment. Once a purchase agreement has been signed, brands are contractually bound to any/all terms of the agreements.
Q: When are payments due?
A: If you do not choose to pay with a credit card, Hearst’s billing department will generate an invoice and send it to you directly. The invoice states that payment is due 30 days after the date of the invoice.
Q: Do you offer discounts or waive fees?
A: No. Cosmopolitan does not offer discounts or waive licensing fees and does not honor or lock in pricing. All brands must pay the amount due at the time a purchase agreement is executed and/or renewed.
Q: Our promotion will be in market before our one-year agreement expires but will live beyond the agreement’s expiration date. Do we need to renew our agreement?
A: Any usage of the logo after the agreement’s expiration date may remain live no longer than 45 days after the expiration date. If the promotion stays up longer than 45 days and the logo itself has not expired, brands must renew for another year and pay the appropriate fee.
Q: Our one-year agreement to use the logo on product packaging is expiring, but we still have stickered products in the marketplace. Can we sell remaining units.
A: Cosmopolitan allows brands to sell through any stickered product that is shipped to retailers prior to the agreements expiration date. At the end of the term, brands must inform Cosmo of how many stickered units were shipped to retailers.
Q: I plan to continue use of my logo beyond one year. When should I renew?
A: Cosmo will contact you no more than 60 days prior to your expiration date of your agreement to remind you of the option to renew. Please note that if the logo itself expires before your agreement does, the renewal option will not be available.
Q: Our purchase agreement expires after the logo itself expires. When should we stop using the logo artwork?
A: You may still use the logo until the expiration date in your purchase agreement. If you sign a one-year agreement, you will get a full year to use the logo.